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Respect. Opportunity. Choices. Reward.

You will require two 40 - 50 minute classes to entirely complete the two lessons. The lessons are presented in four separate parts. Each part can also stand alone and be treated as an individual activity.

At the end of the following two lessons students will have:

  • Examined the various skilled trade careers available in the electricity sector in Ontario
  • Learned in more detail what the job duties and prerequisites are for each of these seven skilled trade careers in companies such as Bruce Power, Hydro One and OPG
  • Practised their resume writing skills
  • Practised their interview skills
  • Practised their teamwork skills
Lesson 1 of 2

Part 1

Time: 15 minutes

Icebreaker: Find Your Match


  • Electrical Foresters or Utility Arborists
  • Truck and Coach Technicians
  • Power Line Technicians
  • Construction and Maintenance Electricians
  • Mechanical Maintainers
  • Nuclear Operators
  • Control Technicians
  • physically demanding work in all kinds of weather, often at heights. They clear electrical lines and right-of-ways of trees and brush.
  • ...service and maintain all types of vehicles and equipment and do work similar to a mechanic.
  • ...construct, repair, and maintain transmission and distribution lines on poles, towers and structures.
  • on virtually every kind of residential, industrial and commercial building. They lay out, assemble, repair, maintain, connect and test electrical fixtures, apparatus, control equipment and wiring.
  • an essential role in the equipment surveillance and maintenance programs to ensure safe and reliable plant operation.
  • ...typically spend their days within a designated area monitoring such things as system pressure, temperatures, water levels, and reporting on abnormal conditions.
  • ...inspect, maintain and repair instrumentation, electronics or electrical equipment.
  • Write each of the seven skilled trade careers on individual 3x5 cards.
  • Write a brief definition of each of the respective seven electricity skilled trades careers on individual 3x5 cards.
  • This should give you seven pairs which will accommodate a group of fourteen students.
  • Depending on the size of your class you can provide multiple 3x5 cards of the skilled trade and definition (so if you have a class of twenty-eight then you can double the trades and the definitions).
  • Place the cards in a bag, mix them up and have each student pick out an individual card.
  • Have the students walk around the classroom to find their match. Once they find their match, they can sit down as a pair.
  • Once all of the students have found their match, take up the exercise to ensure there are no mismatches.

Part 2

Time: 15 - 20 minutes


  • Have students individually read the student guide.
  • Once they have completed reading show the Trade Up For SUCCESS DVD.

Part 3

Time: 15 minutes

Activity: Apprentice Wanted (mock resume)

Procedure - Option 1:

  • Ask students to write down the trade careers in the order which interests each of them the most (from most interesting to least interesting).
  • Divide groups into the various careers based on their number one choice.
  • If a particular career is rated 'most' interesting by a number of students then split up the group to ensure that you have no more than four students in any one group.
  • You may cover all seven careers or only touch upon a few, depending on the individual interests of the group.
  • Once the groups of four have been formed then provide each group with a copy of the career brochure that relates to their chosen career (feel free to make copies of the brochure if you require more).
Procedure - Option 2:
  • Organize the groups of four based on the pairs in which the students ended up after the icebreaker activity.
  • This will allow all seven trade careers to be covered.
  • Provide each group with a copy of the career brochure that relates to their chosen career (feel free to make copies of the brochure if you require more).


  • Using the information in their respective brochure as a guide as well as the information in their student kit and what they saw on the DVD (also available to view at, group members should draft one collective mock resume (no more than two pages) they could use if they were applying for that particular apprenticeship or trade in a given company. They could use the following headings or come up with their own:
    • Career Objective
    • Education
    • Related Experience (paid or unpaid/volunteer)
    • Activities and Interests
  • Power Resume Words can be handed out to the students to help with the assignment.
  • Students should be encouraged to be creative in coming up with the information for their mock resume. They can also use the internet to research more about their chosen career to help in developing their mock resume.
  • Useful internet sites for research are, or

Lesson 2 of 2

Part 4

Time: 50 minutes

Activity: Apprentice Wanted (mock interview)


  • As the teacher, you will play the role of the interviewer (you can also choose to ask a few of your students to play this role).
  • The interviewer will be responsible in conducting a short interview with each of the applicants looking for an apprenticeship while the rest of the class rates the interview.
  • Select one group member from each group that will be the applicant (or have each of the groups select a spokesperson/applicant for their group).
  • The interviewer and applicant role play for five minutes.
  • The interviewer can ask the applicant the following questions:
    • Tell me why you are interested in pursuing a skilled trade career as a ...
    • Describe any experience that you may have related to this particular apprenticeship.
    • What level of education have you completed and what specific courses have you taken that are required for this apprenticeship?
  • Once all interview role plays are completed, debrief the exercise by asking which applicants would the class hire and why.

Apprentice Wanted

(mock interview)

Here are some acceptable answers for the three interview questions that prove that the students absorbed the information in the student guide, brochures and DVD:

Tell me why you are interested in pursuing a skilled trade career as a ...

  • I am interested in using both my head and my hands.
  • I know that a trades career will offer me respect, opportunity, choices and a good paycheque.
  • I like the idea of learning by doing and being paid while I gain work experience.
  • I like the idea of having to follow strict safety regulations to ensure my well being and that of my co-workers.
  • I had no idea that there would be so many neat opportunities in the electricity sector and I would love to learn more about ... generation, transmission, distribution ...
  • Anything specific that they may have taken from their trades career of choice brochure.

Describe any experience that you may have related to this particular apprenticeship or trade. (This is where some of their creativity may shine through.)

  • I seem to always be the one around the house that is fixing any electrical problems ...
  • I did some tree planting with my older brother last year and really became interested in the different types of trees ...
  • I love riding my bike everywhere but more than that I love to fix it when something goes wrong, like when the brakes need to be changed or the tires need patching up ...

What level of education have you completed and what specific courses have you taken that are required for this apprenticeship?

  • Should be referencing the specific information in each brochure depending on the career for which they are applying.

Power Resume Words

Accelerated, accomplished, achieved, addressed, administered, advised
Bought, briefed, broadened, built
Catalogued, caused, changed, classified, combined, converted, coordinated
Dealt, decided, delegated, delivered, demonstrated, documented, distributed
Earned, eliminated, enlisted, ensured, established, evaluated, extended
Filed, focused, formulated, founded
Gathered, graded, granted, guided
Halved, handled, helped
Identified, implemented, instructed, interpreted, invented, influenced, inspected
Joined, kept, launched, learned, lectured, licensed
Made, matched, managed, measured, modified, monitored, motivated
Named, navigated, negotiated
Observed, opened, operated, ordered, organized
Participated, performed, planned, prepared, processed, programmed
Qualified, questioned
Raised, rated, received, recommended, regulated, repaired, reported, resolved
Saved, set up, serviced, specified, streamlined, strengthened, structured
Tackled, targeted, taught, traced, transformed, trimmed
Uncovered, understood, updated, used, utilized