Did you know...?

Like many people, I came out of high school without much of an idea of how I wanted to spend the rest of my life. With the thousands of career options out there, finding the one for you seems rather overwhelming — especially when you have a wide range of interests.

Most educators recommend post-secondary education as the only way to go. But, once again, you are faced with more pressures than directions, trying to choose courses you may need for a chance at what you might want.

This is an extremely difficult, and with the cost of tuition, a somewhat expensive decision. Many people for the lack of any better idea, simply take a loan and give it a shot. It works sometimes, but a lot of other people find they’re barking up the wrong tree. Or they go all the way through with a diploma or degree and still can’t find the job they were looking for when they started. The thing is, we can’t all be academics, nor does everyone want to, but that is all we’re being taught in school. I like doing things and am a very hands-on person and finally realized I should look into the skilled trades.

There seems to be a stigma about skilled trades being more of a dummy type of job, which is completely undeserved. Technological advances mean an increasingly high level of training and education is required for skilled trades.

One position that caught my eye was Power Line Technician, a.k.a a Lineman. It requires a combination of physicality and know-how because of the potential danger of working around electricity. You need a grasp of physics and electricity theory to perform the job safely and you also need to apply those skills while strapped to the top of a hydro pole or being over 30 metres up on a tower.

I am currently enrolled in an apprenticeship program with Hydro One and have never had more fun learning. I get to do an important job with a good wage and benefits as part of one of the largest and most diverse utilities in the province, with even further opportunity for advancement.

The job is a challenging one that sends you to many different areas and changes daily. You get to be part of various groups of great individuals who are both highly trained, safety conscious and yet fun to work with.

Good luck finding what you’re looking for, and remember to check out the skilled trades. They might be right for you too.

First-year Power Line Technician Apprentice
Hydro One, Kenora