Did you know...?
Healthy & Safety

Did you know that when you start your career, you will be in the highest risk group for workplace accidents? It’s true – young adults are two to three times more likely to be injured on the job than adults.

Every day in Ontario, an average of 42 young workers are injured, become ill or are killed on the job, which works out to be almost two workers hurt every hour of every day of the week.

So when you’re choosing a career, you’ll want to be sure to look at the company’s safety policy. Safety is a huge part of working at Bruce Power, Hydro One and OPG, and supported by the Power Workers’ Union, we all believe that healthy employees working safely in an injury-free workplace is good business. That’s why we have created Young Worker Safety Programs to improve the safety knowledge and awareness of our present and future workers.

In addition to sending Young Worker Safety Advocates out to talk to young people about health and safety in the workplace, we are also a proud sponsor of PassPort to Safety, a national online training program that builds your understanding of your rights and responsibilities regarding health and safety.

If you are a young worker looking to build your résumé, for a small fee, you can complete this challenging and educational Internet-based quiz that will improve your general safety awareness. Once you successfully pass, you will be awarded with a “transcript” that can be attached to your résumé to demonstrate to future employers your basic awareness of health and safety. For more information about PassPort to Safety, visit the Web site: www.passporttosafety.com